Wendy_angel Wendy Barry, your personal mystic, is an exceptionally skilled professional Tarot Reader and Intuitive counselor. She is a licensed professional who has been reading the Tarot cards for over 25 years. Compassionate, clairvoyant, and down to earth, she uses her skills to uncover the answers to any problem or motives of the people in your life. She considers herself a mystical investigator. "I will uncover the truth to bring comfort and resolve and understanding. My intention is to help my clients with any problem they need emotional clarification or strategy in taking action with difficult situations in life".

She likes to use different decks of cards to reveal more secret knowledge and information in a reading if needed. Her specialties include all kinds of relationships; she is expert in getting inside the thoughts and behavior of the people her clients inquire about regarding love, finances, business, real estate, etc. She also receives messages from loved ones from the other side; however she is not a medium. A vast knowledge of Astrology and gems give added insight to her readings. Wendy is sensitive and compassionate and non-judgmental. But she will tell it to you straight with great humanness. She believes in positive mind, believing anyone can turn their life around. She has traveled the world and integrates knowledge and inspiration from different cultures of mysticism into her methods of readings.

wendy barry

Wendy Barry - Your Personal Mystic

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