Wendy Barry - Your Personal Mystic

Dana - In the 4 years I have been reading with Wendy, she is amazing! 1,000,000% accurate. It's scary how good she is. She is one of the best and most accurate readers.

AJ - I have had many readings with Wendy over the years and she is great. Her ability to clearly reveal what is going on and ability to provide amazing insight is simply wonderful. She also provided strategies on circumstances that where happening. She is very accurate, and her Astrology knowledge is also good providing much depth for the reading. Wendy, I will keep you posted on the outcome. You are simply wonderful! Highly recommended for her reading abilities.

Extremely Accurate! - Wendy is the bomb! Accurate, compassionate and her timing is right on! Very satisfied client for many years.

Scorpio '72 - I've gone to Wendy during some very difficult times over the years, and she consistently gave me an accurate understanding of my situation, and insight into the people involved! She is truly compassionate, and kind, delivering her information in a caring, supportive manner. I've had a lot of readings by many readers over the years, and she is one of the BEST readers I have ever seen.

**Thank you Wendy for your help**

Your readings have given me what I needed to know and understand to get through this stupid crap!

Do yourself a favor and put yourself in her very capable hands! :)

Lily - Wendy, you are a wonderful, amazing, and beautiful woman. Your readings have been so accurate and your advice so helpful. How can I ever thank you enough? You've saved me from a lot of pain and heartache. I look forward to the wonderful things to come in my life. Take care my beautiful friend.

Terrific! - Wendy has been reading for me for a few years now and she is simply fantastic. Very accurate and specific. She tells me precisely what the men I'm interested in are thinking of me. She has a wonderful demeanor and is a pleasure to talk to. The only down side is she gets booked very fast!

tk1266 - I've been seeing Wendy for over a year now and she is absolutely the best. She is accurate, kind and compassionate and truly gifted. She helped me with through a very difficult time with the sudden passing of a friend and has been my alternative "therapist" for anything life throws my way. It took me a long time to find Wendy and I hope she keeps using her talent to help people for years to come. Remember to call and schedule as she books up fast.

Michelle - Wendy is absolutely wonderful! One of the best psychics I've ever been to. I've been getting readings from Wendy for over 2 years now, and she's greatly intuitive and amazingly accurate. Not only that, but she delivers her messages with tact and sensitivity - I love going to Wendy and highly recommend her for anyone who's looking for a super great psychic reader.

Sheila - Wendy is awesome! She is one of he best psychics I've ever been to. She tells it like it is. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get an amazing psychic reading. Not only is she a great psychic, but she is a wonderful person as well :)

Mikaela - Wendy was referred to me from a friend of a friend, and I'm so happy I had this reading with her. She covered so much ground in an hour, from my love life to my place of living to my creative projects and career... I love the way she uses different decks to answer different questions.

Her reading was specific and straightforward and she tells it like it is without sugar-coating anything, and I appreciate that. Not only is she a great reader, she's a fabulous person, and I hope I get to meet her in person next time I'm in L.A. She said something to me just as an aside regarding my business at the end of our reading that has launched me on this whole rethinking of my marketing strategies...it's very exciting... and that wasn't even technically part of the reading, however, I'm sure she was being 'led' by some unseen helpers to express this to me! Thanks again, Wendy, hope to see you in person one day soon. Bright Blessings!


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